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These two activities are wonderful problem solvers. Keypunch deals with effective group process. Blind Line Up will challenge their communication skills.

25 numbered discs, directions, 15 foot boundary rope and mesh envelope included.

Ideas for Blind Line Up

Props: 25 Numbered Rubber Discs

Rules: Each participant is asked to take a numbered rubber disc, look at the number and put it in their pocket. Ask them not to share their number with anyone else in the group. Distribute blind folds to those participants who have trouble keeping their eyes closed. The objective is for the participants to line up in order from lowest number to the highest number while blindfolded, and without talking. They may not strategize before beginning.

Ideas for Keypunch:

Rules: Arrange all 25 numbers in a jumbled arrangement. Establish a starting line and a finish line a pre-determined distance away from the numbers.. Instruct the group that this is a timed event. The first attempt will be their base line time. The group must touch all 25 numbers in sequential order from 1-25 as fast as they can. The stopwatch starts as soon as the first person steps over the line and stops when the last person crosses back over the line. Any body part may be used to touch the numbered spots.

Variations: If you put a rope around the numbers you could establish a rule to where only one person can be in the circle at a time to touch the numbers.

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