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How do you get students to actively participate in your bullying curriculum? Are you tired of them just “going through the motions”? Traditional curriculums rely heavily on lecture and video presentations. Very little physical activity actually takes place. Our Bullying Prevention Kit is the solution to this problem.

The Bullying Prevention Kit is the perfect compliment to any existing bullying curriculum.

Bullying Prevention Field Guide: Each of our kits have the complete Bullying Prevention Field Guide in them. We have put in about 500 hours into the facilitator guidebook and field testing all of the activities. We wanted to make sure that we had the highest quality bullying prevention activities in the kit. The Field Guide includes statistics on bullying, Best Practices for dealing with Bullying and Bullying Prevention, and step by step instructions on how to facilitate each activity. Each activity has a specific link to bullying and suggested debriefing questions that hit the topics well.

All of the activities come in high quality mesh stuff sacks that are labeled with a laminated tag that helps keep the bag organized for multiple facilitators.

We have three sizes of Bullying Kits to choose from. Please see the Bullying Prevention Classroom Kit and the Bullying Prevention Kit also in this section.

The Bullying Backpack has a solid collection of 10 prop-based activities that have a strong focus on Bullying Prevention. The complete Bullying Prevention Field Guide is included as well.

Order the one of our Bullying Prevention Kits today and kickstart your program!

Let us know if you have any questions! We'd love to tell you more!


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