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We have been designing, installing and outfitting experiential programs since 1983. Our clients include: resorts, retreat centers, private investors, schools, universities, camps and the military.

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  • Challenge Course Practitioner Certification Standards


    The intent of the Practitioner Standards is to identify and set a common grouping of minimum skills required for challenge course facilitators to work safely in the ropes course industry.  The intent of the standards is to increase the level of professionalism within the industry and promote best practices through verification of an individual’s level of ability. 


    Levels of Challenge Course Practitioner Certification

    Experiential Systems offers three levels of challenge course practitioner certification. These levels are based on the levels outlined within the ACCT published Practitioner Certification Standards.

    ESI offers open enrollment trainings and certification testing for the following designations:


    Level I Certification

    Level 1 certification is intended for entry level challenge course practitioners who wo

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  • Understanding Challenge Course Insurance

    How is my premium for liability insurance compiled? Who sets the numbers? What are all the pieces (extra fees, etc.)?

    This will vary slightly with each insurance underwriter. The premium price is determined by several factors.

    1. Insurance Application Form: Your answers to all of the questions on your challenge course insurance application form will have an impact on your final premium.
    2. Your premium will be directly proportional to what your exposure for risk is. Your organizations exposure to risk is determined by many factors including: your payroll totals; the number of “participant days” or clients who go through your challenge course program; the number of facilitators you have trained, the amount of training they have received, who provided it, how recent it was, are they a “certified challenge course practitioner”; product liability is also a consideration if manufacture or sell a item to the general public (ex. Making a portable Spiders
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    Industry Participation


    Program managers and facilitators should consider becoming members of the following organizations. These organizations have been at the forefront of developing and maintaining policies and procedures for challenge courses, climbing gyms and zip line design, construction and installation; equipment use, storage and retirement; as well as staff training and supervision. All of the organizations below maintain a membership and distribute a newsletter or written standards to all members.ESIbuilds, trains and inspects to the standards set by these organizations and many others.


    Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

    Challenge Course Builders, Challenge Course Managers and Facilitators

    ACCT is the largest and oldest trade association serving the challenge course community and has been at the forefront in the development of written standards and guidelines f

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